Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More scenes...

Here are some more scenes from our Thanksgiving.

my awesome Grandpa, complete with his brand new Liberty overalls.

My dad basting our country ham. The best EVER. In other news, I am so glad that the elections are finally over in Georgia. You guys all thought that the election slanderizing (oops, I mean, advertising) were over after November 4, but we were blessed to be able to hear/see them for another month. Ronald Reagan's son even called me to ask for my vote for Saxby Chambliss. Does that stuff really work for them?
Now maybe all these newly elected officials can get back to Washington and get some work done!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Scenes from Thanksgiving...

This Thanksgiving I found myself being thankful for simple things. Basic/reliable transportation, safe travel, quiet doggies, meaningful conversations with family and friends, mine and Scott's jobs, my grandparents, financial stability...

We met in Chattanooga via separate cars- me in my new (to me at least) car (with the puppies in tow). We enjoyed a wonderful, low key Thanksgiving with my family (minus Megan, the little twerp) and my mom's parents. We found out the Monday before Thanksgiving that Scott's last remaining grandparent, Maw Maw (age 92) had passed away. So Black Friday held a different meaning for us this year- it was a day of mourning and celebrating the life of his grandmother. Maw Maw was the first member of Scott's family that I met. Since she lived in Tuscumbia, AL, she was the closest relative to Scott when we lived in Nashville. His family has always been so warm and inviting towards me. Anyway, we traveled to and from Tuscumbia on Friday for the funeral and got to spend a lot of time with Scott's family. Below are some images from our Thanksgiving.
Also, my sister-in-law posted some pictures of our Friday with Scott's extended family here. There are some fun photos of Scott's brother getting "fresh" with Helen Keller at her birthplace. So goofy.

My beautiful pecan pie that I made. Check out the leaf cut outs on the edges. I was so proud. :)

Maddie with Rumi (Megan's dog)

my new car...a black 2007 RAV4. Yeah!

Our lovely table setting...

More connection is entirely too slow tonight!