Saturday, July 26, 2008

Being a tourist at home...

hey guys,
Before I forget...I uploaded a bunch of photos onto my flickr site tonight. You can link to it from the right side of my blog. Some from the beach vacation, our visit with Scott's family and our fun adventure this weekend. Here's a pic of my family from our recent vacation to Amelia Island, FL. So much fun!
We practically had the beach to ourselves and the weather was perfect... not even too hot.

Scott came home Thursday and we were "tourists" in Macon today. We are doing things here that we've never done because 1) we are about to move and 2) gas is so expensive! And in case anyone asks, we did NOT eat at NuWay Weiners, one of the top tourist attractions in Macon (featured on Food Networks "Best Hotdogs in America") We went to the Ocmulgee National Monument where there are Indian mounds from the Creek Indians. Here's a pic of Scott being an "Indian"on top of the temple mound. You can see downtown Macon in the background...we couldn't believe how close this nature was to downtown!

Here's a view from the temple mound to the wetlands. I think these Indian Mounds are the highest point in Macon. :)

Then we went to Dauset Trails Nature Center near Indian Springs State Park. Great places to visit. Dauset Trails is an educational center that is free due to an endowment from a couple of wealthy individuals who wanted to share nature with everyone. There are farm animals and an animal trail, hiking, biking and horse trails. It's a great place to bring kids. Indian Springs was the first State Park in the nation and the site of where the Creek Indians signed a treaty that ceded 4.7 million acres to the State of Georgia. Then we had ice cream at this delightful shop near Indian Springs... check out these flower boxes at the ice cream shop. I want to recreate this when we move...

So what kinds of things do you do when you are tourists in your own towns?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Week and Dark Knight

So I have survived my first week as a "single gal". Scott started his job last Monday and had his first Sunday today. He did an amazing job (not that I expected anything different.) It's funny, people at Ingleside never really knew Scott as a "Worship Leader"- he was the instrumental director, drama director, student band director and my personal favorite: church pianist. After our recording in June (f0r which Scott wrote and performed an incredibly powerful song) and our announcement we were leaving, people were coming up to me saying "we knew it wouldn't be long before he left... he's ready." Well, of course he was ready! He was a Worship Pastor or Worship Leader for many years before he even met me! Just not at a mega church like Ingleside. Anyway, I'm off my soap box now. Scott left early last Monday morning and then came home on Thursday night. He installed our new countertop and sinks (pictures coming soon) and mowed the grass on Friday and Saturday, then we attended a pool party for my job. After the party we met some friends for The Dark Knight.

Let me just say "Wow". First of all, I'm not typically a fan of the comic book movies. I liked the Spidermans and that was about it. Scott convinced me to watch Batman Begins while we were on vacation. I really liked it because it was so real and believable. I loved the way they delved into Bruce Wayne's psyche and explained how Batman began (hence the name.) Anyway, The Dark Knight is a continuation of that story and details the fight of Gotham's most insane criminal (The Joker) and Batman. Heath Ledger really was amazing. It's not just hype because of his death. I have always had a HUGE crush on this man. His youthful good looks, long locks and Australian accent had amazing appeal to me. I was devastated when he died. This movie was nothing like his previous roles (not that I saw Brokeback Mountain) - he really did take the Joker to another level.

Yes, Scott and my money was part of the biggest blockbuster debut EVER. $155 million. And worth every penny.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rock Shrimp Anyone?

Hey guys,

We've been on vacation for a week and a half! Wow, it was so needed. We went to visit Scott's parents in Cocoa, FL. Of course seeing nieces,nephews and family was a highlight, as was dining out at our favorite restaurant, Dixie Crossroads. Here's a picture of the bounty (from my phone):

If you've never enjoyed rock shrimp (the middle of the plate)-it's amazing! They taste like little lobsters. Yum!

Anyway, we celebrated the 4th of July with Scott's family (pictures coming) then we met my family at Amelia Island for a week at the beach. What a wonderful time of relaxing and eating. Everyone came, including my MamaCile.

In other news, Scott started his job on Monday and his first Sunday will be the 20th. Keep us in your prayers!