Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Baaack...

I'm back to the land of the living (literally.) While at Christmas at the Copelands this year, my sisters-in-law (all three of them) kept raving about the "Twilight" series. In fact, I barely saw Scott's sister, Shelley, because she had her head in the last book every chance she had. Scott and I even made fun of her a few times because of this...

I was convinced that these were silly, teenage books (and in a way, they are), but I was convinced that ONLY teenagers read these books. Not so, it seems. I've always had a fascination with vampires- I read "The Historian", which launched me into research about Vlad the Impaler and the various places detailed in the book. So, once I heard the sisters-in-law raving about these new "vampire" books, I had to give them a try.

Well, once I got started, I couldn't put them down. I've literally read all four books in about two weeks. I've been obsessed. Every spare moment has been spent with my nose in one of those books. Now I can't wait for the movie to come out on DVD since I missed it in the theater.
Now, if you choose to read these books, don't expect to learn anything. This is NOT "The Historian" which is packed full of history and geography. BUT, as my sister-in-law put it, this is great "brain candy." Any other adult "Twilight" fans out there? ...come on, don't be afraid- I admitted it!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Transplantaversary!

February 13 has special significance to me.

February 13, 2003 was the day that my mother gave me life for the second time by donating her kidney to me. Once the doctors told us that a kidney transplant was inevitable, there was never ANY doubt in my mother's mind that she would be a match and that she would be the one to donate me a kidney. And there did seem to be a line forming on who was going to be the one to donate- including my 75 year old grandfather and namesake Luther Carmon (pictured here) I am so blessed with the family that was given to me!

My mother was right: She was a great match. In case you were wondering: you have to be in PERFECT health (physically and mentally) to be able to donate an organ. The doctors want to make sure they aren't creating another "sick" person down the road. I think my mother was the third person at Vanderbilt to donate a kidney laporoscopically (through the belly button.) Now that is done regularly and they are even removing kidneys vaginally now (read more here) Medical science is an amazing thing!

My mother and I always call each other on February 13 and wish each other a "Happy Transplantiversary." Happy 6 year's, Mom! You are my inspiration!

I'm sure glad this Valentine's day is different from 2003's!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Guvnor's office...

The Chamber conducts a class each year called "Leadership Jones." Monthly we learn about different aspects of the community to educate future leaders in the community. So far we've had classes on Communication, Diversity, Demographics and Community Planning, and State government. For our State government class we took a van to downtown Atlanta (luckily I didn't have to drive, we have 2 in the class who work for the local Sheriff's office, so we took the prisoner van- I was just glad I didn't have to drive!) We sat in on the House general assembly (and was recognized in front of the entire House of Representative), had a tour of the Capitol and the Governor's office, had lunch with our local legislators and sat in on a House Economic Development Committee meeting. The Capitol tour was really neat- they have a museum on the 4th floor that has artifacts and oddities from Georgia's history (including a two-headed cow and snake.)
Here's a photo from my phone of the two headed cow and snake...I bet your state doesn't have one of those!

Here's a picture of my class (minus 2) sitting in the Governor's "ceremonial" office.
Notice that I am sitting in his chair!

I felt like a teacher on a field trip all day (even though a lot of my class are older than me!)
I felt like I had to keep them safe and keep them out of trouble.
The trip was a lot of fun. If your community has any leadership programs like this, I would highly encourage you to get involved. It's very eye-opening and educating to learn how local government works!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green with envy...

Nothing much to post about these days. I am literally GREEN with envy as my husband is gallavanting around our old stomping grounds in Franklin, TN at the re:create conference. He's living it up with Michael W. Smith and other famous worship leaders and eating at all the finest restaurants that Franklin has to offer, while I'm stuck here eating cereal every night. No, I'm not bitter at all.

And I mean what I say when I say green with envy...

check out my arm. I got lab work done last Friday and it hurt. It doesn't normally, but it really hurt on Friday. Well, now I know why! They must have blown through a vein because I am bruised all up and down my arm. It looks like I'm a battered woman, seriously. But, alas, this is just a day in the life of a "sickly" woman. I get lab work monthly, but I'm happy to do it because it means that I'm on the "maintenance" plan when it comes to my health. Speaking of, Friday, February 13 marks the SIX year anniversary of the transplant. I sure am glad February 13 wasn't on a Friday when I had the transplant. Big milestone people. Maybe I'll buy everyone a round to celebrate...