Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off to the races...

This labor day weekend was one of the most random, but also one of the most fun of my life, besides the fact that my husband was sick and crabby all weekend (he was crabby mostly because of what happened at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, not because he was sick...) This may be a really, really long college football season at the Copeland household!

I was at the Atlanta Motor Speedway by 7:30 a.m. on Sunday morning. I was so blessed to be asked by my good friend Chris to sing with the incredibly talented Journey Church band in conjunction with RaceWay Ministries on the Sunday morning of race weekend. I've had a few opportunities to sing with them in the past, and it's always so much fun! After some sounds issues, we got down to the business of leading worship for people from all over the country.

Our set list was:

Happy Day by Tim Hughes

Your Love by Chrystina Fincher (this was the one I sang)

Mighty to Save by Hillsong United

Beautiful Jesus by Kristian Stanfill

Grace is Enough by Chris Tomlin

I sang harmony with Chris and sang on "Your Love" which is now my new favorite song! The youtube video doesn't do it justice.

My observations from the track:

1. Wow is the Atlanta Motor Speedway HUGE. I had no idea the magnitude of this thing. I got lost trying to find the tent where we were playing.
2.This is one of the few places where the line to the bathroom is shorter for women than men.
3. Those are some REAL women who camp out all weekend and get ready in the bathroom at the race track.
4. Having a "big tent revival" at a race track is really fun!
5. Race fans are very courteous after they've been up all night when you "warm up" at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday!

I really enjoyed our "big tent revival." I hope I can get more opportunities to do things like this. More on this great weekend later.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

If I had a million dollars...

I have a confession. When the mega millions lottery hit $350 million last week, four of us in my building went in together and bought 40 tickets. We had high hopes too. And I think we won $3. Great return on our investment, huh?

Anyway,I'm reminded of one of my all time favorite songs, "If I had a million dollars" by The Barenaked Ladies. In case you've never experienced this song, I'm kind enough to share. :)

Some of the great lyrics:

"if I had a millions dollars
we wouldn't have to walk to the store...
if I had a million dollars
we'd take a limousine cause it costs more

or how about:
"if I had a million dollars
I'd buy you a monkey
(I bet you always wanted a monkey!)"

I just love that song. Anyway, the lottery got me thinking about what I would do if I had that kind of money. Would I hoard it? Would I blow through it? Give it away?

I know one thing, after visiting Savannah this weekend (pictures coming soon), I could definitely live there. There's something magical about that city. But, if I was going to live there, I'd want to live in one of the big mansions on one of the squares, hence the "if I had a million dollars.." thought process.

Anyway, what would you do "if you had a million dollars?"