Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm numb...

Literally. One half of my face is completely numb. I just got a cavity filled. That's what I get for not going to the dentist for 2.5 years. But I sure am grateful for dental insurance! Thank you Brookwood for providing for us!

Wow. Two posts in two days. It must be my loyal readers' lucky day. :) Here are some pics from my recent trip to Brasstown Valley for a conference. It was my first attempt at shooting waterfalls with a slow shutter speed. Probably not as sharp as they could be, but I didn't have a tripod (why is it that you always need a tripod when it's most inconvenient to use one- like on a hiking trip?) Enjoy!

(by the way, you can click on any of the pictures and it will take you to my flickr page- sometimes my pictures get cut off with my blog format.)

long waterfall2 cropped

long waterfall

water fall frozen with moss bw


Sunday, June 28, 2009

New roof and new pics...

We've had an exciting week over here. After some feedback after a home inspection, we decided to bite the bullet and put a new roof on the home. I think it looks pretty good, don't you? It's amazing how much money you can spend in one day. And those poor roofers, working in triple digits in Macon, GA...

house with roof

In other news, here are some pictures from the last several weeks. First some home photos...

Basil from my garden

Hydrangeas from my garden
hydrangea close up2
hydrangea close up bw

Dogs at the dog park...
anna at dog park cropped
anna at dog park2
lexie at dog park with drool
anna in water at dog park

In other news, I have lots of friends that are living in cities that are rated the "Best places to live" (i.e. Huntsville, AL, Auburn, AL) Well, Macon was recently selected as having the BEST tasting water in America. So there.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crazy pills...

Does this look like the face of a crazy dog?

Lexie_looking away
Probably not to you, but this little dog has some demons living inside her. They tend to rear their ugly heads when a) the neighbors are shooting their guns (yes, we live in middle Georgia) b) Scott is on the lawn mower c) we go to the dog park d) when we leave her and she doesn't want to be left. She will shake, drool, pant and run on doors or generally try to escape from where she is. She has some serious "separation anxiety."

First of all, we've been dealing with a lot of crazy scenarios lately. LONG story, but hopefully we can update you on what's going on in our lives soon. Well, we've been noticing that Anna (our lab mix) has been gaining weight, been more aggressive/moody and her hair has been falling out. I told Scott that I felt like she was insecure because he's been gone so much and she's basically his dog. Being a concerned owner, Scott self-diagnosed her online with a thyroid problem. We decided to take her to the vet and we brought Lexie with us (because we are afraid of what she will do to the house if we leave her alone-she's that crazy and destructive.)

Scott obviously should have been a vet because he was right about Anna's diagnosis. Now she is on a thyroid medicine AND some supplemental fatty acids. We love our dogs. :) While at the vet, I decided to ask her about Lexie and her separation anxiety. Did you know they make anti-anxiety pills for dogs? I didn't! The vet gave us a month's supply of Reconcile, a separation anxiety drug for dogs. The funniest part was when the vet brought us the literature for the drug and there's a sad looking beagle on the front next to a chewed up rug and torn up door. We laughed with the vet and said that most of our doors look just like that!

I'm excited to see what the results will be with Lexie! And with all the stuff going on with us, I may have to sneak a couple of those chewable, beef-flavored pills for myself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two things...

I just need to use this blog as a venue to vent right now. There are two things that I want to share.

First: It really stinks to be in a buyer's market right now (when you are selling a house, of course).

Second: I really, really need a vacation. July 11 cannot come soon enough.

Jekyll Island here we come!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Laid back kitty...

So we've been showing the house a lot more lately...the market is really picking up (at least in Macon..) Here's how a typical house showing goes:

1) I get a phone call from a real estate agent or ours asking if they can show my house at a certain time

2) I rush home from work to do a quick clean of the house

3) I load ALL the animals up in my car and go for a "joyride" while the potential buyers look at the house

Luckily I have a gate in the back of my car that separates me from the dogs. It's funny, the dogs have really become conditioned to this life. As soon as I run through the house with room spray, they run to the garage door knowing full well that I'm about to let them in my car! (They also go nuts when I put on tennis shoes- it means they are going for a walk. Scott makes fun of me for this because this is the only time I put on my tennis shoes!) Dogs are so perceptive...

Anyway, lately we've added another element to the mix: Rasputin, the new kitty. I have been taking him with me on these joyrides because I'm afraid he'll get outside during the showing.

Here's a picture of my laid back kitty just chilling with me in the front seat this afternoon. How many cats would do this?

I thought I would share a snapshot from one of my crazy days!