Monday, June 30, 2008

An Update for you...

Hey guys,

It's been a while and I have discovered that I am NOT good at this blogging thing. And it's not for lack of things to blog about... in fact, I think it's because I have TOO many things going on TO blog about.
We have had such a whirlwind couple of weeks. We've been using our free time to get the house ready to sell. Why is it that you fix your house up for someone else? I don't get that. We've been putting off fixing up our master bath and now we are being forced to. We've done new tile, new light fixtures, new toilet and new mirrors and Scott ordered a new countertop on Saturday. Scott said that if we get a fixer upper next then our master bath will be the FIRST thing he fixes up since we did this with our first house also!

So we've been fixing up the master bath, landscaping, touching up paint, organizing, etc, etc. Friday we drove to Loganville to look at houses and boy did we find some we like! Wow, it's a buyer's market!

Saturday I had a meeting at the Chamber early and then had to go to Patriotic Sunday practice at church followed by a luncheon to honor Scott (and me, I guess). They wound up having a sort of "roast"- sharing memories and appreciation of Scott and my three years at Ingleside. Whew, I was not prepared for that one. I definitely needed tissues! Then Sunday was the Patriotic Sunday and Scott's last Sunday, so they brought us up on stage and gave us a HUGE print of Ingleside, signed and numbered by the artist and some flowers. We got a standing ovation at both services. It was a very emotional day. After church we went to the Whistle Stop Cafe with our good friends Russ and Vicki and stayed til almost 3:00. We usually have so much to do on Sundays that it was nice to relax and have a LONG lunch. ***Tourism footnote and useless fact: the Whistle Stop Cafe is the original one from the movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. It's in Juliette, GA, about 10 miles from our house. I highly recommend it! Yummy, yummy food and my friend is the manager.

Anyway, keep us in your prayers as we are in this transition. We need our house to sell to be able to buy another one. If we can sell ours, we'll definitely get a bargain in Atlanta! we'll keep you updated as we go...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little funny for the Auburn fans...

So I was getting a biscuit at McDonald's this morning (which I never do) and I was intently driving out of the drivethru on my way to work. This little old man was standing on the corner walking out of the restaurant and he started flagging me down. I was confused by this and thinking that this man must know me, I slowed down and rolled down my window to talk to him. Well, he must have seen my "Auburn Alumni" tag on the front of my car because he proceeds to tell me this joke:

"Why won't any Auburn fans vote for Obama?"

I said, "I'm not sure, Why?"

And he said, "Because if you put a 'G' in front on his name is spells "Go Bama!"

I started laughing and drove off. How funny is that?! Any of you guys heard that one?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Big News...

Hey guys,
Nope we aren't pregnant. :) I know that's what you were thinking. Scott and I are MOVING to Lawrenceville, GA where Scott will be the Worship Pastor at Brookwood Baptist Church. We are very excited about this opportunity, sad about leaving Ingleside and Macon, and a little nervous about the transition. Check out Scott's post here with his perspective.

We really struggled with this decision between two "good" choices (staying here vs. leaving) but decided that we could make a huge impact at the church in Lawrenceville. We are excited to see what God has in store there!

Please pray for us during this transition. I will be staying until the house sells, so pray for my sanity of 1) being alone (I'm not terribly good at it) 2) keeping the house in "show" condition 3) packing and moving. There is a hilarious post that I need to share about the last time Scott left me alone to handle moving/selling a house by myself. That's another post for another day. Also, pray for Scott as he transitions to this new leadership and ministry position. I am so excited for him! We'll keep you guys posted as things progress.